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Two times as energy-efficient as gas and significantly faster than electric, induction cookers are a great choice for most home cooks. Induction cookers are now more competitively priced than ever when compared to their gas and electric counterparts, making them an even more attractive option. To assist you in your search I have highlighted the key features and selling points of the best induction cookers available today, so that you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Before you buy an induction cooker, it’s important to note that they only work with cookware which is magnetic i.e. pans which contain enough iron to conduct electricity. These include pots and pans made of cast iron and some forms of stainless steel (iron is used to form steel but not always in high enough amounts), but you can also find them clad in an iron-based coating specifically for induction cooking.

If you’re not sure if your cookware will work, test the base using a magnet. If the magnet is attracted to it, the iron content should be sufficient for use with an induction cooker.

Induction hobs work by transferring heat directly to your pans, not the stove surface. That’s what makes induction cooking so energy efficient. It also means induction hobs are safe to the touch and easier to clean.

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Best Induction Cookers

Best 110cm Range – Rangemaster Nexus SE 110

The Rangemaster Nexus SE 110 makes preparing a meal a pleasure with fast, efficient, low-maintenance cooking that’s sure to get your creative juices flowing. This 110cm wide induction range cooker leaves you spoiled for choice with everything both aspiring and experienced cooks need to explore their culinary passion.

This beast has no less than two main ovens, both at 73L capacities. Both oven doors swing out instead of dropping down, which may affect how you plan your kitchen layout. The main benefit to these swinging doors is closer access to place things in the oven and the handyrack in the left-hand main oven. A handyrack is a wire shelf attached to the inside of the oven door, which allows you to check food without reaching inside the oven.

The left oven is multi-functional with an optional quick-heating rapid response function, while the right oven is fan heated. Both large ovens use catalytic liners to help keep your oven clean. Above the large ovens, you’ll find a dedicated slow cook oven on the right and a grill with an easy to use, glide-out pan on the left.

The Nexus SE 110 Induction Range Cooker features five hobs each of different size and power for different uses. The hob controls have a child-lock feature which can be engaged when not in use to prevent young children from turning the induction plates on. The induction burners themselves are sensitive and precise, with visible indicator lights to warn you when they are on.

This is a well-designed kitchen appliance that gives you unrivalled functionality all within easy reach. Whatever recipe or meal you’ve got in mind, the Nexus SE 110 Induction will handle it with ease.


  • Five induction hob plates
  • Two 73 litre ovens
  • Both large ovens have easy clean catalytic linings
  • Slow oven useful for slow cooking or warming plates
  • Child lock feature on the hob controls
  • Glide-out grill feature
  • Energy rating A


  • The Nexus is a high-end product with a substantial price tag to match.
  • The side opening doors may not suit all kitchen layouts.

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Best 90cm Range – Smeg SY93IBL


The Smeg SY93IBLSymphony Induction Range Cooker is the perfect addition to any modern kitchen with its attractive and ergonomic design. You’ll notice straight away that this induction cooker features a tall auxiliary oven in addition to the main oven and grill. You can cook all your dishes at the same time with the tall oven’s nine cooking levels, ideal for batch baking and large meals.

Each oven is fan-heated and has a capacity of about 61L, while the top grill sports a generous 36L capacity and two cooking levels. The energy efficiency rating is an above-average A/B, and it’s dimensions reach 90cm wide, 60cm deep and 89.5cm high. The main ovens have side-opening doors allowing you to have easier access to the cooking space.

The Smeg SY93IBL comes with five total hobs, including a large centre burner for woks and other sizable cookware. Conveniently, you’ll find a quality scraper inside the box for proper cleaning. I like the layout of both the hobs and the control panel, which can be said of many Smeg cookers. Everything is streamlined to save you time, effort, and stress while you cook.

The ovens don’t come with catalytic liners but instead feature a ‘vapour clean’ setting. You simply add a small amount of water to the well at the bottom and select the correct setting, within twenty minutes you’ll find that most of the grime wipes off easily. 

The Smeg SY93IBL Symphony embodies modern style and performance in this spectacular mid-sized induction cooker.


  • Additional tall, auxiliary oven
  • The ovens feature circulaire fan heating
  • Side opening doors
  • Vapour clean facility
  • Five induction burners
  • Stylish appearance
  • Energy rating A/B


  • No catalytic lining
  • The side opening doors may not suit all kitchen layouts

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Best 60cm – Zanussi ZCI69060XE

The Zanussi ZCI69060XE is an excellent 60cm freestanding electric cooker with an induction hob. It has a 72 litre, fan-assisted main oven and a second oven that doubles as a grill with a 39 litre capacity. The hob has four induction zones that heat up quickly and are highly energy efficient. Each aspect of this cooker works exceptionally well and will showcase your culinary skills by offering an evenly heated oven for exceptionally easy cooking.

This ovens feature a ceramic coating to make cleaning easier, but there is no catalytic liner. However, the Zanussi ZCI69060XE more than makes up for this with many other features to make your life easier. These include the ‘PlusSteam’ function in the main oven. The bonus of having two ovens is that you can prepare two parts of a meal simultaneously at different temperatures. It has an energy rating of A and several features, including an automatic eco timer that allow you to conserve your energy use.

If you’re looking for an induction cooker that delivers the basics to an exceptional standard and packs in some extra functions, then this is the one for you. Although it doesn’t have the same capacity as a range cooker, it packs the best of everything into a standard 60cm system.


  • Two ovens
  • Fan-assisted main oven
  • Quick-heating and accurate
  • PlusSteam function for bread and pastries
  • Child-lock on the controls
  • Useful timers and automatic settings
  • Energy rating A


  • No catalytic lining

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Best All-rounder – Stoves Sterling S900Ei

Versatile, yet straightforward to use, the Stoves Sterling S900Ei is my choice as best all-rounder because of its incredible functionality and range of uncomplicated, high-quality features. It’s the perfect cooker for the average home cook with a focus on quick, precise, and highly efficient cooking with easy and safe operation. It measures at just under 90cm wide and features three ovens, one which doubles as a 31 litre maxi grill, and an induction hob with five cooking zones.

The main multi-function oven has a capacity of 64 litres, is excellent for everyday cooking, but also has eleven settings, including defrost, pizza and bread proving. You can also use the tall second oven which has a capacity of 87 litres and eight shelf positions. The Sterling uses the Equiflow fan system which ensures that the heat is distributed evenly for the best results every time. Hard wearing touch screen buttons control everything via a white LED display. It’s advisable to keep these clean, but they are less likely to get damaged than those on the Hotpoint HUI614K which is the budget option on this list.

The manufacturers, Stoves, have also provided a range of impressive safety settings. They include child-locks, hob indicators, holiday shutdown, and pan overheat protection. Most of these work passively behind the scenes to keep your family safe.

Despite its lack of catalytic liners the Sterling S900Ei’s is particularly easy to clean. All of its surfaces are glossy and smooth, with no dirt traps hidden around the seams. Excellent design, hearty construction, and dependable performance solidify this induction cooker as my top all-round pick.


  • Five induction burners
  • Three ovens
  • Equiflow fan system
  • Multiple oven modes
  • Simple controls
  • Excellent design
  • Energy rating A
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety features
  • Hardwearing touch controls


  • No catalytic lining

Best Budget – Hotpoint HUI614K

Hotpoint HUI614K

The energy-efficient Hotpoint HUI614K features a four zone, touch control induction hob and two ovens, both of which can double as a grill. Between them, you get over 100 litres of oven capacity and the ability to cook on two distinct temperature settings at the same time.

Both ovens include catalytic liners for quick cleaning and use triple-glazed windows to prevent any heat from escaping while you cook. The full-sized, fan-heated main oven has an individual capacity of 71 litres, and the second has 39 litres.

Four induction hobs complete this cooker. Hobs come in two sizes, large and small, and only take a few seconds longer to reach temperature than the more expensive models found here. There’s sometimes an audible clicking when the hobs fire up, but that’s typical for induction cookers.

Touch buttons control the hobs and should be wiped clean regularly to keep them working effectively. A regular complaint of touch button hobs like this is that they can be quick to get scratched or stained. However, with a little attention and careful use, you can reduce the likelihood of this happening.

The Hotpoint HUI614K is an excellent induction cooker, particularly if you’re on a budget. It will fit most standard cooker spaces with its size of 60cm wide, 60cm deep and 90cm high. To give you extra peace of mind, it comes with a warranty that covers any labour required for one year and parts for ten.


  • Over 100 litres of oven capacity
  • Both ovens double as a grill
  • Four touch-controlled induction plates
  • Catalytic coating in both ovens
  • One-year labour and ten years parts warranty
  • Energy rating A
  • Great value


  • The touch controls can damage easily without the appropriate care.
  • It is slightly slower to reach temperature than more expensive models.

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