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900mm range induction cookers are ideal if you want lots of oven space combined with the efficiency of a spacious induction cooktop, but don’t have the space for the larger models.

900mm is a popular size when it comes to range cookers. They aren’t going to take up all of your kitchen space, but they still offer a massive amount of cooking real estate, both with the hob and the oven capacity.

Induction cookers are often priced at a premium, but their quality and cooking capability mean that you get what you pay for. These 900mm stoves are the best combination of the giant proportions of a range and the lightning-fast functionality of induction cookers.

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Buying an Induction Cooker

Induction hobs work by transferring heat directly to your pans, via a system of magnets and not the stove surface. As a result, you will need cookware which contains enough iron. This can include pots and pans made of cast iron and some forms of stainless steel. Some pots are designed specifically for use on induction cookers and come with an iron-based coating.

If you’re not sure if your cookware will work, hold a magnet near the base. If the magnet is attracted to it, the iron content should be sufficient for use with an induction cooker.

Best 900mm Induction Range Cookers

Smeg Symphony SY93I

SMEG Symphony SY93I

This 900mm wide, induction range cooker from Smeg has a stunning stainless steel finish. The Symphony SY931has achieved the pinnacle of ultra-modern design and high-tech functionality. The result is an unmistakably refined cooker that is the ideal centrepiece for any contemporary kitchen.

This incredible cooker’s three distinct compartments include two ovens and one grill. As an extra, the tall auxiliary oven can convert into a second grill when needed. The main multi-functional oven has a 61 litre cooking capacity and is a perfect size and shape for everyday meals, offering practical functions you’ll actually use.

The secondary oven is fan-assisted for even heat distribution throughout its tall cavity. Considering the price of this cooker, and the fact that the secondary oven has nine possible shelving positions, it’s disappointing that you only get one shelf for this cavity. Unfortunately, if you want to cook multiple dishes in this oven, you will need to fork out for additional shelving.

All five of the induction burners work rapidly and come in three thoughtfully arranged sizes. The side burners are large or small, while the centre burner is extra-large to accommodate big pots of pasta or stew. An induction-friendly wok stand is also included so you can easily make authentic Asian cuisine.

If you have an eye for style and don’t mind buying a few extra accessories, the Symphony SY931 may be the perfect cooker for you.


  • Stunning stainless steel design
  • There are two ovens and a separate grill
  • The main oven is multi-functional and has a 61 litre capacity
  • The second oven is fan assisted and has a capacity of 62 litres
  • The hob has five fast-heating induction burners
  • Additional wok stand


  • Only one shelf is provided for the second oven.

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Belling Kensington 90cm Electric Induction Range Cooker

BELLING Kensington 90 cm Electric Induction

The Belling Kensington 90cm has a great price and plenty to offer. In fact, it’s my personal favourite cookers of all the cookers on the list.

The uncomplicated four-zone hob is ideally sized for those who can manage without an extra-large wok burner. Using just four burners instead of five means you have more space for organized cooking. The controls are similarly uncomplicated and have just four knobs at the front for the ovens and hob. There are intuitive, touch-buttons on the hob itself to control each individual burner.

BELLING Kensington 90 cm Electric Induction

Underneath, the Kensington 90cm has three ovens, each with unique cooking modes. The main oven is multi-functional with a 62 litre capacity and the second provides a staggering 91 litres of cooking space. Both have fan assistance to get them to temperature quickly. Finally, the third oven doubles as a grill and is perfectly sized for snacks or small meals.

Each oven is outfitted with plenty of sturdy shelves and features enamel liners. However, I would’ve liked at least one to have had a catalytic lining to make cleaning even easier. Still, I’m impressed that all three ovens earned an energy rating of A, making this inexpensive cooker all the more appealing.


  • Large, uncluttered, four-zone induction hob
  • Simple dial and touch controls
  • Three ovens, one including an integrated grill
  • Enamel lined cooking compartments
  • Energy rating A


  • No easy-clean catalytic oven liners.

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Stoves Richmond 900Ei

STOVES Richmond 900Ei

The Stoves Richmond 900Ei features an irresistibly charming traditional design and comes with all the bells and whistles. This 900mm wide, induction range cooker includes all the high-tech conveniences that any discerning home cook could want.

The five-zone induction hob has burners in a wide selection of sizes, including a wok burner. It also has a power boost function that allows you to draw extra power when you need it. This is particularly useful when bringing large pots to boil. While it is an incredibly functional cook top, it would be improved if it was recessed further to catch food spills before they pour over the side.

STOVES Richmond 900Ei

The Richmond 900Ei’s three ovens offer a wide variety of sizes and cooking options. The 54 litre main oven comes with nine functions, which are easy to set thanks to the bold labelling on the chrome control dials. Just be sure to read the instructions first, so you know what each label means before setting the ovens. Two of the ovens also hold integrated grill functions which are particularly useful for smaller meals or when you’re in a hurry.

The secondary oven is much larger, measuring 87 litres and provides eight handy shelving positions for the three heavy-duty shelves. All ovens in the Richmond 900Ei use telescopic shelving, but sadly only feature enamel lining. This is a serious disappointment considering the cost of this cooker. If you don’t mind a little extra scrubbing, however, the Richmond 900Ei is a handsome cooker with unparalleled versatility.


  • Attractive traditional design
  • Five-zone induction hob with wok burner and power booster
  • Three ovens with a combined capacity of over 170 litres
  • Telescopic shelving
  • Two integrated grills
  • Enamel oven linings
  • Well-labelled dial controls
  • All the ovens have an energy rating of A


  • There are no catalytic liners in the ovens.

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Rangemaster Professional+ 90

RANGEMASTER Professional+ 90 Electric Induction

Choosing between 900mm induction range cookers often comes down to your preference of the configuration of ovens and hob. The Rangemaster Professional+ 90’s unique combination of ovens and induction burners may be just what you’ve been looking for.

One of its standout features is its induction hob, with two small and three medium burners. They are designed with the small burners in the front and the medium burners behind. This is likely to suit some people well, but others may find it challenging to get used to.

RANGEMASTER Professional+ 90 Electric Induction

Rangemaster have opted to include a smaller grill in exchange for more oven space. How often you use the grill will determine how you feel about this design choice. The 69 litre main oven is large enough for whole roasts, while the 67 litre secondary oven can easily fit batches of biscuits or multiple side dishes at the same time as the main course. Both ovens are fan-assisted, making for quick, even cooking.

I’d like to see more functions in the main oven, especially since the Professional+ 90 goes out of its way to maximise its capacity. However, this lack of extra functions is made up for by the presence of easy-clean catalytic liners. In the end, it’s trade-offs like this that will make or break the Rangemaster Professional+ 90 for you.


  • Five-burner induction hob
  • 69 litre, fan-assisted main oven
  • 67 litre, fan-assisted second oven
  • Separate grill
  • Both ovens have an A energy rating


  • The grill may be too small for some people
  • Some design choices may not suit everybody’s needs

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Brittania Q Line 90


You don’t have to be a connoisseur of cookers to know the Britannia Q Line 90 is a top-end masterpiece. Featuring exceptional build quality, a superior user-friendly design and advanced multi-functional cooking, this is the 900mm induction range cooker of your dreams.

The Q Line 90 comes with two ovens, both of which double as grills when needed. This means that you can make the most of the space available. The 52 litre main oven includes six useful functions to make your life easier and food tastier. The secondary 28 litre oven is quite small, making it a practical choice for small meals. They both have fan assistance meaning that they cook everything quickly and evenly.

Both ovens use triple-glazed viewing windows for safety and energy efficiency. This is further reflected in both ovens’ excellent energy ratings of A for the main compartment and A+ for the second. Although the Q Line 90 is relatively small, the reason is evident; underneath there is a large, full-width storage draw and plenty of room to sweep underneath. This important detail is often overlooked, making it difficult to clean around other cookers.

On the cook top, you will find five highly effective induction burners which can quickly achieve and maintain precise temperatures. I found that even the larger burners kept the temperature well and provided evenly distributed heat across the whole surface.

The most obvious disadvantage to this cooker is that you could buy two or three lower-priced models for the same amount of money. If its cost doesn’t take you over budget, the Britannia Q Line 90 is one of the best induction range cookers available today.


  • Flawless, steel design
  • Two oven/grill combos with fan-assistance
  • Triple glazed viewing windows and enamel lining
  • The main oven has a capacity of 52 litres
  • The second oven is 28 litres
  • There is a large full-width storage compartment underneath
  • The hob has five, quick heating induction burners
  • Energy rating A/A+
  • LED display
  • Electronic programmable timer


  • The price puts it above some budgets.

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Final Thoughts

Each of these cookers have their pros and cons, but they are all well worth considering for your kitchen. Take your time to find which one will meet your needs, because the best 900mm range induction cooker is the one that perfectly suits you.

If you need more help, you may want to visit my range cooker buyers guide. It will point out things that you should look out for and will help with the whole process.

If you have any further questions or have had any experience with any of these cookers, we would love to hear from you – so drop us a comment and we will get back to you ASAP.

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