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Finding the right gas cooker for your home is not the easiest of tasks. The modern cooker has dozens of features each fitting some situations better than others. This list of the five best gas cookers will help you take a close look at what’s on offer and make your choice simpler.

The gas cooker is the workhorse of the kitchen; they are quick to get started and are often more robust than their electric counterparts. It also speaks volumes that they are the number one choice for most professional kitchensOpens in a new tab..

With gas stoves, you can make minute adjustments to the temperature and they are quick to respond. This responsiveness means you have greater control over the cooking process so you can achieve results that aren’t possible with most electric options.

To help you make the final decision of which of these cookers is right for you, I’ve divided this list into sections. This way, you can either take your time and browse through the full list, or head straight to the category that suits you best. 

The categories include the best range, best modern, best slim, best all-rounder and best budget.

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Best Gas Cookers

Best Range – Rangemaster Classic 110

RANGEMASTER Classic 110 Gas

For those of you in the know, the fact that Rangemaster currently sits at the top of the pile of our gas cookers article will come as little surprise. This ‘Classic’ delivers a fully programmable main oven, a spacious secondary oven and a separate glide-out gas grill. You are also treated to a broad selection of extras, including a non-stick, half-ribbed griddle, a single piece hotplate and a useful handyrack shelf just inside the main oven door.

As well as its features, It’s the design that draws us to this cooker and few look as good. It strikes a perfect balance between traditional and modern and the fact that comes in cream, cranberry and black means it can fit into any kitchen.


In terms of value for the money, the Rangemaster Classic is never going to be the cheapest, but it’s built to last and will be the focal point of your kitchen for years, if not decades to come.

The hob has five standard gas burners and a large wok burner, all with rapid heating. I particularly like that the temperature is so easy to control, which is something that a lot of range cookers don’t offer.


The main oven has 81 litres of capacity and the second has 69 litres. It’s amazing just how handy it is to have so much space, especially if you’re cooking several dishes or numerous batches. You also get a decent separate grill at the top of the range, and a warming or storage draw at the bottom.

The only gripes I have is that a couple of the controls could have been placed better and the burner layout isn’t as well spaced as I would’ve liked. On the whole, another triumph from Rangemaster, with enough to keep even the most accomplished home cook happy.


  • Over 140 litres of dedicated oven space
  • Separate glide-out grill
  • Large six-burner stove
  • Storage draw
  • High-quality classic appearance
  • Handyrack
  • Energy rating A+


  • Some controls could be better placed
  • The layout of the hob could be more spacious

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Best Modern – Stoves Sterling 600GSTA

There are few better looking ovens than the Stoves Sterling 600G. It looks like it could be out of the latest Sci-fi film and comes packed with features perfect for the modern kitchen.

Stoves are killing it at the minute and do a great job of presenting stylish stoves backed up with reliable cooking options and useful features.

STOVES Sterling 600G

With this Sterling, the digital display is the first thing that struck me. It lets you alter the cooking time for both the top and the main oven simultaneously as well as allowing you to preset the end of a cooking programme. This is ideal if you ever have to leave the house in a hurry because you won’t return home to the smell of burnt food.

The hob provides four powerful gas burners which are easily controlled via a set of stunning dials and a built-in spark to get things moving quickly. When they’re not in use, you can lower the glass lid, and the automatic cut-out device will automatically ensure shutdown of the burners before it closes completely.

STOVES Sterling 600G

Below are two ovens, one with the option of being used as a grill as well. Between them you get just shy of 100 litres of cooking space, so you’ll have plenty of room to get that Sunday roast just right. They are both enamel-coated to make cleaning that little bit quicker.

The only niggles that I could find were that some of the touch buttons on the LED timer could be a little unresponsive, but this could have just been the model that I tested.

Sitting at a very competitive price point, we think that the stunning glass and chrome combination makes this the best-looking modern cooker that I have found to date.


  • Attractive modern design
  • Two ovens with nearly 100 litres of combined capacity
  • Enamel oven coating
  • Four-burner hob
  • Glass hob lid with automatic burner shut off


  • Some of the touch buttons may need to be treated with patience.

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Best Slim – New World 550TSIDOM

New World 550TSIDOM Best Gas Cookers

As space is becoming even more of a premium, manufacturers are currently rushing to cater to the demand of the slimline cooker. The New World 550TSIDOM sits directly between most standard and slimline stoves to deliver the best of both with a width of 55cm.

New World is a brand that is currently making huge strides across the industry. Their niche is in smaller appliances, and they’re out to prove just how good a compact cooker can be.

New World 550TSIDOM Best Gas Cookers

The New World 550TSIDOM is among the best value cookers that you can get in this price range. It’s quite astonishing just how much punch they can pack into something of this relatively small size.

The hob is equipped with four gas burners that have been positioned in a way that incredibly makes you feel as if it’s a much larger cooker. As a result, even though the space is limited, it never feels cramped and provides more than enough cooking capability for most households.

New World 550TSIDOM Best Gas Cookers

The 48 litre main oven matched with 27 litre secondary oven/grill combo. Together they provide more than most will need. Both have an easy-clean enamel coating, so with a regular wipe down, cleaning should be a breeze. The grill works well and gives you enough space for larger items as well as several slices of toast or whatever you want in a hurry.

The downsides are few and far between with the major one being that the fittings are a little flimsy, but the overall quality and capability more than make up for it.

For its size, the New World 550TSIDOM certainly packs a punch. It’s not the cheapest in its class, but you get a lot of value packed into a 55cm package.


  • Small 55cm size
  • One main oven and a secondary oven/grill
  • Enamel coated ovens
  • Over 75 litres capacity
  • Well-designed four-burner hob
  • Great value for money


  • The fittings have a flimsy appearance.

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Best All-Rounder – Hotpoint HAG60K

As an all-rounder, it’s essential to have a bit of balance within your selection. If needs to look good, function well, offer a decent range of features and most importantly, be reasonably priced. The Hotpoint HAG60K is all these things and more.

With Hotpoint, you are buying into one of the oldest brands in the industry. I remember years ago that my mother would only ever purchase Hotpoint products and I bet there are still plenty of others who do the same!


The HAG60K comes complete with four brilliant gas burners at the top, each nicely spaced over the 60cm wide frame. The digital dial to the front is functional but doesn’t quite live up to the sleek appearance of the one featured on the Stoves Sterling featured earlier.

The cooker has two compartments with a 77 litre oven at the bottom and a 32 litre oven/grill at the top. Combined, you get 109 litres, and both offer easy to clean catalytic liners. The main oven has the benefit of three different temperature zones allowing you to cook at different temperatures in one compartment. In the centre, it maintains your chosen temperature, while the position above is a gas mark higher and the one below is a gas mark lower.

The Hotpoint HAG60K comes in both black and white, which is another tick for all-rounder box, although we much prefer the black over the white. I struggled to find a fault, but if I was to be extra picky, I would say that the lack of light in the top oven is my only gripe.


  • A 77 litre main oven and secondary 32 litre oven/grill
  • Three different temperature zones in the main oven
  • Both compartments have catalytic liners
  • Four well-spaced gas hobs
  • Respected brand
  • Slow cook economy setting


  • No light in the top oven

Best Budget – Flavel ML61NDK

The Flavel brand has been making massive strides over the last few years and can offer some of the best budget cookers available. The ML61NDK is the new version of their incredibly successful ML61NDSP. This latest model has seen quite a few upgrades, including some additional functions and a more modern design.


The Flavel ML61NDK has the upmarket appearance of a much more expensive cooker, and it’s a pleasant surprise to be able to place it in the budget section. It’s a likely contender for the best-looking cooker in its range and one that wouldn’t look out of place in any home.

The cooker top comes with four gas burners that lack the rapid heating of a top of the range model but still reach temperature fairly quickly. The hob also features enamel pan supports and a Flame Supervision Device for extra safety.


The main oven and the top grill provide over 100 litres of space between them. Both are coated with enamel to make them easy to wipe clean, and the main oven has an impressive energy rating of A+.

The downside of this cooker for me is the quality of the finish. It looks good, but when I inspected it in detail, I found quite a few areas for improvement. The temperature control dials are a bit flimsy, and the fact that the grill could only be fixed on one position was frustrating.

However, despite these shortcomings, this is still an excellent buy. For its price, it’s tough to beat.


  • A 72 litre main oven
  • Separate 32 litre grill
  • Both compartments are coated with enamel
  • Four-burner hob
  • Enamel pan supports
  • Flame supervision device
  • Energy rating A+


  • No rapid feature with the gas burners
  • Flimsy temperature control dials
  • The grill has only one position

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